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"Shawen's greatest gift is songwriting,
a talent that allows her to reinvigorate
the music she loves with both
intelligence and passion"

Mike Joyce, Washington Post

"Just call her fantastic"

Ceasar Soriano, Washington Times

"Shawen's band adopts a vibrantly
woven, hard rock sound that makes
her lyrics all the more compelling"

Mike Joyce, Washington Post

"VH1 ready from the get-go...."

Bethany Matsko, Scene Magazine

"The trick to Shawen's music is
both in her songs and her voice,
big and deep enough to provide
a soulful contrast to her violin
and steel guitar outfitted band"

Mark Jenkins, Washington City Paper

"A husky voiced woman who
demands your attention"

The Copycat, The Missoulian

"Her voice bares a ton of melodic

Maris Griffith, Washington City Paper

"A main stream gypsy rock/electric
folk 12 string and violin band a
Mellencamp could love..."

Eve Ziebart, Washington Post

"Shawen's voice approaches intoxicating"

Doug Alexander, The New Indicator

"Gritty rock, raucous pop, occasional
country twang, classical violin with
gutsy earth mother vocals, she is
definitely all that and more"

Gina Mason, Scene Magazine

"An intriguing blend of raucous rock
and ambitious pop..."

Karla Peterson, San Diego Union Tribune

"When Shawen stretches her peanut
butter voice (thick, smooth, creamy),
she is downright exciting!"

Joe Monroe, Music 619

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